Now that you have a basic understanding of the gauges let's take a look at your typical long trade trigger. As you use Stealth you will learn some triggers are better than others but let's start with the general trigger.

If you don't have any securities added in your portfolio go to the What to Trade Section under "Installation and Setup" and fill it up! You can also try using this currency pair:

Press "insert" and enter a symbol, ex: "EUR.USD". Then watch for ideal buying conditions.

  • Sentiment: middle and long-term sentiment pointing UP; short-term sentiment pointing DOWN.
  • Perception: indicates OVER-SOLD.
  • Equilibrium: displays -2 STD or lower.
  • Commitment: at the bottom around -80.

Once the above four conditions are met, you will see all 4 blue indicator lights lit and should BUY the security (in this case EUR.USD). When the perception returns to the middle or higher, you should SELL.

Next, let's get in-depth to see an ideal buy setup in Stealth Trader in Lesson 3