How To Start

Stealth is extremely easy to learn. We've put together three short videos to help you get started.

Tutorial 1:

Tutorial 2:

Tutorial 3:

So to summarize Stealth Trader Intelligence is a tool based on PerceptionCommitment, Equilibrium, Sentiment. 

  • Perception - indicates when the security is overbought (you should sell) or oversold (you should buy)
  • Commitment - indicates traders real-time intention to buy or sell
  • Equilibrium - shows the difference between actual price value and fair price value
  • Sentiment - indicates the markets bias in short, middle, and long time frames

Stealth analyzes the electronic order book in real-time to produce actionable intelligence for any security, on any capital market. For an additional in-depth explanation of how the gauges work check out the Gauges in Extras

Next, we will get more specific with what to look for when entering a Long trade or Buying a security

Lesson 2: Buying a Security